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  • What “Medical Grade” Means
    Our air purifiers are all True HEPA class H13, meaning that they captures 99.95% to 99.995% of pollutants at 0.1 microns. Aeris also takes it a step further: our air filters are coated with zinc pyrithione, which kills trapped bacteria & viruses. This allows us to be as effective in dealing with viruses as UV purifiers without the release of byproducts.
  • What “Medical Grade” Means
Workplace and School are in danger: Cheaper air purifier solutions have endangered staff and student as they return to the workplace and school.
As news of lawsuits by schools and workplaces due to ineffective or dangerous air purifiers spread, it has become more important than ever for those responsible for safeguarding the safety of students, staff, and more, to understand the importance of high quality air purifiers that are built to the highest standards.
Schools are in danger: Cheaper air purifier solutions have endangered students as they return to school.
The Dangers Of Low Quality Air Purifiers In Schools
Why you can trust Aeris
Aeris has focused on building the best possible air purifiers for the money. Here’s why we’re different:
Absolutely no byproduct release
  • Absolutely no
    byproduct release
    Aeris air purifiers are built using mechanical HEPA filtration. This means that we only purify using actual filters as opposed to other technologies like bipolar ionization. The result: absolutely no released byproducts.
  • Award-winning purification
    Aeris air purifiers have been tested, vetted, and proven effective by third party tests and awards. Absolutely no byproduct release
  • Better filters means lower replacement time
    Our purifiers use massive amounts of filter material in addition to prefilters. This combination allows our filters to last the maximum amount possible, leading to lower cost of replacement over time.
Analyzing Your Workplace's Filtration Using Cutting Edge Data
  • Aeris uses a system called Computational Fluid Dynamics (CFD) to test the effectiveness of our air purifiers. CFD simulates the airflow in a room, which allows us to see with exact detail how well we can purify a room.
  • We are committed to providing the perfect solution for your school: If needed, we can provide a CFD analysis to provide a custom solution for your school’s needs.

    3 Aeris
Aeris air purifiers in action - How they protect your staff
Our purifiers capture air from every angle
Step 1
Our purifiers capture air from every angle
Aeris air purifiers use a unique circular design, which allows for an optimal capture of pollutants. Combined with capturing the air from the bottom and pushing the clean air out through the top, this effectiveness means that the clean air never mixes with the polluted air.
Larger pollutants are captured by high-efficiency prefilters
Step 2
Larger pollutants are captured by high-efficiency prefilters
While it is important to have a HEPA filter, our purifiers all use pre-filters. These filters capture larger pollutants like pet dander and dust, which increases both the effectiveness and the filter life of our HEPA filters.
The HEPA filter captures a wide range of pollutants at 99.95% to 99.995% effectiveness
Step 3
The HEPA filter captures a wide range of pollutants at 99.95% to 99.995% effectiveness
HEPA filtration is still the gold standard for air purifiers, and Aeris’s purifiers take HEPA to the next level. All of our purifiers use 3 to 5 times more filtration material than other purifiers, resulting in far more effective filtration.
What People Have To Say About Aeris
“For days, my aair lite showed an AQI of 1. I assumed it must be broken, so I contacted Aeris. They told me that my purifier was working fine — it was simply doing its job, and as a result the air in my home was very clean.”
“This Aeris aair Lite purifier checks all of our boxes and is a total beast. It’s compact enough that we can toss it in the car and travel with it, but operates like a total champ. It’s easy to boost up, but can also run on a low setting that sounds like absolute *nothing*. Sometimes I forget it’s even on.”
“For months, I’ve suffered from bothersome sinus problems and sniffles that just wouldn’t stop and the day I added the Aeris aair Lite air purifier to my living space, my sinuses cleared up completely.”
Truly Smart Air Purifiers
Intelligent Sensors:
Intelligent Sensors:
Purifiers that learn as they’re used
Using IAQ Sensor Technology, our purifiers learn to run more effectively and more efficiently over time. It does this by adjusting to its environment, learning how to most effectively adapt to the room it's in, ultimately providing you with even better filtration than the stated numbers over time.
The App:
The App:
Control your purifier from anywhere
Use the Aeris app to get full insight and control over your indoor air quality from anywhere in the world. Tap into Aeris’s advanced controls to create personalized programs based on usages like office hours or sleep times.
Built In Air Quality Monitor:
Built In Air Quality Monitor:
Full transparency
Don’t guess whether your air purifier is working: Aeris purifiers show you exactly how well they’re working, with an AQI (air quality index) readout prominently displayed at all times to indicate how well your air purifier is removing large allergens like pet dander and smaller allergens like mold spores.
Meet Aerisfleet
Full Control Through Aeris Fleet
Control your entire fleet of air purification systems in one place. With Aerisfleet software your air purifiers are no longer individual systems, but a single network under your control.
Infinite control in one place
Infinite control in one place
Aerisfleet does not put a limit on the amount of air purifiers you can control, allowing even the biggest companies to control their air purification in one place.
Industrial-level analysis
Industrial-level analysis
Get detailed analytics aggregated around your entire air purification system, including:
–– Compare your indoor air quality vs outdoor air quality
–– Discover air quality in specific areas of your workspace –– by tagging groups of air purifiers
–– A timeline of the air quality over time
–– Track the filter life of all your purifiers
Automatation and scheduling
Automatation and scheduling
Control your air purifier system’s schedule based on work hours and other needs, saving your filter life and energy.
We offer integrations with solutions like Cisco DNA Spaces. Our integrations allow you to operate your air purifier fleet even more efficiently, based on room occupancy and occupants movements.
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aeris air purifier in office setting
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