Can HEPA Air Filters Remove Asbestos?

More than 39,000 American lives are lost to asbestos-related diseases every year. And yet, while asbestos use has been restricted in the United States, it is not fully banned.  Asbestos can commonly be found in ​​floor tiles, insulation, and other building materials, and even some automobile parts like brakes and clutches. 

What is this hazardous material and how can we keep our family safe from it?

What is asbestos?

Asbestos is the name of a group of minerals with long, thin fibers that was once used widely as insulation. Because the structure of asbestos fibers makes it extremely effective at slowing the transfer of heat, it was used in many products and industries, especially in home and building construction. Its fire retardant and heat-resistance elements make it perfect for insulation. 

While asbestos is an effective insulating material, it is also highly toxic, primarily due to the tiny size of the fibers. When asbestos is disturbed, the fibers float in the air and are inhaled by anyone in the vicinity, causing irreparable damage to the lungs. 

Because of how hazardous asbestos is, it was banned from further use in most (but not all) products in 1973, as a part of the EPA’s Clean Air Act. Unfortunately asbestos is still commonly found in the walls, pipes, roofs, and even the ceiling of older buildings.

  • Asbestos is known to cause these diseases:
    • Asbestosis 
    • Lung Cancer
    • Mesothelioma
    • Pleural disease 

Beyond the more dire health effects, pollutants such as asbestos can also cause the air in your home to age you prematurely.

What Is a HEPA Air Filter?

Before looking into buying an air purifier, it is important to know what a HEPA air filter actually is. HEPA is a commonly used abbreviation for high-efficiency particulate arresting (or absorbing) air filters. They are specialized mechanical filters that were created to improve the quality of indoor air by effectively eliminating a number of harmful airborne pollutants. 

HEPA air filters have a screen-like sheet of fibers, usually made from fiberglass, that are capable of trapping tiny particles as air flows through the filter. True HEPA air filters are able to catch minuscule and dangerous solid particulate matter that is often hard to trap, including dust, smoke, and asbestos.

Do HEPA Filters Work Against Asbestos?

Yes! HEPA filters are highly effective against asbestos; however, that effectiveness is hinged on the quality of the air purification system they are housed in. On average, a HEPA air filter has around a 99.97% efficiency rating. Because air purifiers cover a variety of ranges and distances, it’s important to determine which size purifier will be the most effective for each room. 

Besides getting the right size air purifier, it’s also It is important to remember that air purifiers are limited to treating the air in the room that they are stationed. Leaving a room’s doors open or putting the air purifier in a general corridor does not mean that the air in any adjacent rooms will be properly purified. 

In buildings suspeected of containing asbestos, some experts recommend running a HEPA air purifier several times in the same area to ensure that all harmful particles and fibers have been captured. Multiple units can also be used to accelerate this process.

What Are the Best HEPA Air Purifiers for Asbestos?

Not every air purifier that is equipped with a HEPA filter is created equally.  Some of the main things to take into consideration:

How much space you want the air purifier to cover:

Many air purifiers offer different amounts of coverage. It is important to pick an air purifier that has a great enough range to cover the room you are in. aeris recommends the aair 3-in-1 pro for large rooms, for an office or workspace, because it can cover up to 750 sq feet.

The size of the filter material it is equipped with:

 Filter size is especially important because constantly having to swap out your HEPA air filter can be time consuming, especially in problematic locations. Bigger filters with more material mean less hassle when maintaining your air purifier.

How much noise does the air purifier make?

In quieter areas like an office or bedroom, look for low-noise purifiers to ensure minimal distractions. 

Do you want the option to control your air purifier remotely?

Smart air purifiers are a good choice for those who want to connect their device to their WiFi and control their purifier conveniently from their phone or tablet.

Don’t wait to take action on asbestos!

Asbestos is an extremely dangerous substance that takes tens of thousands of lives each year. Ridding your home of asbestos requires time and the right air purifier. aeris purifiers use True HEPA filters to provide the highest level of air purification so you can be sure your indoor air is clean and asbestos-free. 

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